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K-BIK Power Pty Ltd provides specialist consulting and engineering services to the electrical industry

1. Product Applications

The Client was investigating the introduction of a new product range into the Australian market. K-BIK Power was contracted to assess the application of the product for use by (mostly) power utilities. This required investigating the product features and understanding changes required in utility networks to allow this new technology to be introduced. A SWOT analysis was conducted along with in depth research into the risks associated with the product application. Kerry investigated what end users would need to change in their networks and specifications for the product to be accepted. This included the impact on the power system, field operational aspects when units were in service and what maintenance strategy was required for long term cost effectiveness of the product. A detailed report was delivered to the client for their further consideration.

2. Research Centre Project Management

Kerry has been project managing the establishment of a transformer research centre at the University of Queensland. This project is unique in that it will allow students and industry to have access to the latest research into transformer characteristics. Several universities and industry partners are involved and will benefit from the research work and courses on offer. Kerry (K-BIK Power) has the task of overseeing the installation and construction of the facility within an existing building. This incorporates the risk management, some design needs, safety of operation into the future, writing of operating procedures, working with construction contractors, supporting the establishment of Advisory Steering Committees and other essential work. K-BIK Power is determined to maintain their involvement and commitment to University research. The project completion is due mid 2017.

3. Factory Witness Testing

The client was unable to internally source the required expertise for this job. Kerry assisted with witnessing the factory acceptance testing of a new power transformer as well as completing a factory audit. This involved reviewing the specification requirements, discussing critical aspects of the testing with the client and factory witness testing. During the testing, several key quality assurance issues were raised and resolved successfully for the client. The work spanned more than five days and allowed the client to have an experienced person oversee the testing and also perform the factory audit. The outcome was the client was satisfied the transformer being delivered was fit for purpose.

4. Mobile Substation Concept

Kerry provided technical and logistical input during the concept work for the possible application of a mobile substation into a power utilities’ network. The assignment included arranging for the client to see existing mobile substations and discussing the operational constraints and risks. Kerry provided the client with a comprehensive risk management profile for the unit and openly discuss aspects from initial design through to long term system application issues. He worked closely with the client to advise how the unit would be connected to several of their substation sites, how operators could quickly mobilise and install the unit correctly. Kerry’s extensive knowledge of experiences of other utilities ensured the client had a better understanding of key risks and elements that would allow them to proceed with the development of a business case with minimal risk to their business.

5. CT & VT Failure Investigations

This work is not for a specific client but rather comes from Kerry’s realisation that there is a pattern of failures that have unknown causes but similar characteristics. Kerry has been investigating a new phenomenon associated with high voltage CTs and VTs. This work involves discussions with several utilities about failure modes and maintenance strategies. As part of his investigations, Kerry has contacted overseas research laboratories and subject matter experts who work in specific fields associated with insulation materials and oils. His findings will be published and discussed with the utilities to support them with their asset risk management strategies.

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